May 19, 2022

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Israeli atrocities will only cause public hatred: Iran’s president

Israeli atrocities will only cause public hatred: Iran’s president – Tehran Times

TEHRAN- Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has underscored that the crimes by Israel, such as the recent assassination a Palestinian journalist, will by no means bring security for the regime, rather will simply increase public disapproval.

Raisi made the remarks during a joint press conference in Tehran on Thursday with Qatar’s Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

During the press conference, Iran’s president mentioned the Palestinian journalist who was killed by Israeli soldiers while documenting the recent Israeli attacks on Palestinians, offering his condolences over her murder.

“Such crimes do not bring security to the Zionist regime, but increase public hatred toward the regime,” Iran’s president said.

He went on to say that his condolences for the assassination of the Palestinian journalist go out to all journalists throughout the world who represent the Palestinian people.
Shireen Abu Akleh, a veteran Al Jazeera Arabic TV journalist, was killed on Wednesday after being shot in the head while reporting Israeli army incursions in the northern occupied West Bank city of Jenin.

According to the Palestinian health ministry, she was brought to a hospital in Jenin in severe condition, where she was proclaimed dead shortly after.

A Palestinian journalist who was with Abu Akleh on the day she was killed has described the incident as a “deliberate attempt” to assassinate the journalists.

“We made ourselves visible to the soldiers who were stationed hundreds of meters away from us. We remained still for around 10 minutes to make sure they knew we were there as journalists,” Shatha Hanaysha noted.

Iran’s president also frowned at presence of foreigners, particularly Western countries, in West Asia. 

“Such [foreign] presence does not bring security to the region, but on the contrary, undermines it,” he added.

“During our talks, we discussed major regional issues, especially the issue of Yemen,” Iran’s president said, adding, “We emphasized that the blockade of Yemen must end and Yemenis must be allowed to decide the fate of their country.”

Another topic that Raisi discussed with the Emir of Qatar was the situation in Afghanistan, stressing that the nation needs an inclusive government that represents all groups and political factions in order to achieve long-term security.

According to Raisi, the two leaders also stressed the need to liberate the occupied Al-Quds, ending the terrible siege on Gaza as well as the Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians.

Raisi also stated that Iran and Qatar prioritized expanding ties in all areas, including politics, business, commerce, culture, tourism, and energy.

Other topics discussed with the Emir of Qatar were joint investment and fulfillment of mutual agreements achieved during Raisi’s recent visit to Qatar.

The visit of Qatar’s Emir to Tehran will be a watershed moment in the two nations’ ties, according to Iran’s president, and will play a critical role in increasing regional and international collaboration.

During their talks, the two leaders addressed important bilateral concerns as well as an all-out development of collaboration in all spheres, according to the Emir of Qatar.

Al Thani, for his part, emphasized the two parties agreed that negotiation is the best way to solve the region’s present difficulties.

“The existing problems in the region must be settled through constructive dialogue,” he said, adding that the two sides also discussed the ongoing situation in Palestine, Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

The Emir of Qatar also expressed his condolences to the Palestinian journalist’s family.

“The killers of journalists must be held accountable,” the Qatari Emir remarked, underlining that there should be no double standards in dealing with this matter.
He went on to say that the Palestinian problem is the region’s most pressing issue, and that it must be settled in its entirety, including all elements.

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