May 28, 2022

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Iran drone capability unnegotiable, unstoppable: MP

Mohammad Hassan Asfari, a member of the Iranian Parliament, told IRNA on Friday that the United States’ latest imposition of sanctions on Iran’s drone might indicates the Islamic Republic is considered a regional power thanks to its armed forces’ capabilities and drone strength.
The Iran-made drones are capable of flying very long distances, carrying weapons, and taking pictures and videos, he said, adding that the UAVs are also stealth in the face of enemies’ radars.
The Islamic Republic is ready to provide neighboring states with the know-how of manufacturing the UAVs, because it can help enhance regional security, economic development and military capabilities, Asfari noted.
Referring to the fact that the Iranian drones can infiltrate the Zionist regime’s Iron Dome battery, he emphasized that the Iran-made UAVs’ stealth capacity has made the Zionists concerned.
The Iranian drones are very capable of picturing the United States’ military facilities in the Persian Gulf, but this capability does not translate into threatening any country unless it endangers Iran’s national interests, he noted.
As to the effect of the US’s sanctions on the talks in Vienna, Austria, to remove anti-Iran sanctions and revive the 2015 nuclear deal, the MP said that Washington tries to create an Iranophobic sentiment in the region in a bid to squeeze more concessions in the nuclear negotiations, but the regional states are aware that the Islamic Republic is not a threat to the West Asia region, but the Zionist regime and the US are the source of instability in the region.
The United States’ House of Representatives ratified an anti-Iran law in order to take action against Iranians’ defense power. The US lawmakers voted for a bill to stop Iran’s drone might with 424 votes in favor and 2 against, which is named “Stop Iranian Drones Act” (SIDA).


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