May 27, 2022

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Iran becomes 30th country to register historical cars on FIVA list 

Iran becomes 30th country to register historical cars on FIVA list  – Tehran Times

TEHRAN –Iran has become the 30th country to register its vintage cars with the Fédération International des Véhicules Anciens or FIVA (The International Federation for Historic Vehicles) and receive identification cards for them, the president of the federation has said. 

Although developed countries are not as active as they should be in registering their classic and vintage vehicles, it appears that in a country like Iran, this interest is greater, ILNA quoted Tiddo Bresters as saying on Saturday. 

Now that the Islamic Republic of Iran recognizes the FIVA ID card, historical cars and motorcycles in the country can use this international identification card, he added. 

Cars with FIVA ID cards will be recognized internationally and registered globally, in addition to being able to travel on public roads, he explained. 

Apart from the Classic Car Museum, which is very attractive and spectacular, Iran also hosts a number of rallies every year in the international arena, such as the Paris to Persepolis Rally, he noted. 

For historical car enthusiasts, such events can be an attraction for traveling to Iran, he mentioned. 

Referring to his recent trip to Iran he said that historical cars are a part of Iranian culture.

He also added that the warmth of the Iranian people and their fascination with historical cars are also noteworthy.

Cities like Shiraz are evidence of Iran’s long and ancient civilization, he concluded. 

FIVA is a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to the protection, preservation, and promotion of historic vehicles. 

Established in 1966, it is active in more than 80 countries, representing millions of historic vehicle enthusiasts around the globe. Since 2017, FIVA has been a partner of UNESCO with consultative status, representing world motoring heritage and related culture.

Iran is home to thousands of remarkable classic and vintage vehicles. For instance, roaming Iran’s classic car museum, visitors find a collection of the best classic and unique automobiles, some of which are single even in the world.


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