June 3, 2023

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FM: Iran has good will, determination to reach agreement

Amirabdollahian made the remarks in a phone talk on Friday evening with the EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell on Vienna talks to remove sanctions, in which also the most important international developments, including the Ukraine crisis was discussed.

The top Iranian diplomat in the phone talk referred to a recent visit of Tehran of Borrell’s deputy Enrique Mora in which certain initiatives were surveyed.

He said that Tehran has both good will and is quite determined for reaching a strong and sustainable good agreement.

Amirabdollahian, meanwhile, appreciated the constructive efforts made by Borrel and Mora for being successful in the Vienna talks.

On Ukraine crisis he said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is opposed to resorting to war to resolve crises, including Ukraine crisis.

He said that Iran has never adopted double standards in dealing with the crises in Yemen, Afghanistan, Ukraine or elsewhere, arguing that the Islamic Republic of Iran invites both Kiev and Moscow to end the war and resort to diplomacy to end the crisis.

Referring to the several round of talks between the Ukrainian and Russian foreign ministers during the course of the past few months, Amirabdollahian announced Tehran’s readiness for mediating for peace in Ukraine crisis to restore stability in the region.

Josep Borrell, too, appreciated Iran’s proposed initiatives during the course of the Vienna talks, saying that the priorities now are the continuations of the halted negotiations, and focusing on solutions.

He said that the EU is determined to preserve the continuation of interactions between Tehran and Washington to narrow down their differences.

“We are hopeful and optimist that a good agreement is close at hand now,” added Borrell.

He also appreciated the Islamic Republic of Iran’s efforts aimed at peaceful resolving of the Ukraine crisis and Tehran’s inviting of both sides to accept a ceasefire and resort to peace negotiations, arguing that this is a sign of Iran’s good will.


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