June 26, 2022

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Continuation of strategic cooperation with Russia

One of the main goals of the Islamic Republic has been the policy of neutralization and lifting of sanctions. We achieved good results in the field of neutralization, and we succeeded in taking great strides in the field of oil sales, and by taking appropriate measures, we were able to transfer the amounts received through the sale of oil to the country. At the same time, we had many successes in the field of gas sales and this path is being pursued rapidly. Regarding non-oil exports, statistics show that Iran’s success rate is higher than before and we were facing a growing trend in this sector. This result is due to strengthening the political and economic diplomacy of our relations with neighboring countries and Asia, as well as relations with Latin America and Africa.

In the domestic sphere, we have tried to reduce the consequences of sanctions by increasing production and paying attention to the agricultural and food sectors, and to act in the direction of neutralizing sanctions.

Current developments, especially the international situation after the Ukraine war, are also in Iran’s favor, and Western countries, especially the United States, have faced many problems due to the conflict in Ukraine in the field of energy, which has created more room for Iran to neutralize sanctions. It should also be noted that Russia’s policy of cooperation, in addition to influencing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, can create a greater role for the Islamic Republic in the Eurasian region. In this regard, the two countries, China and Russia, along with Iran, can cooperate more than ever due to the sanctions imposed by Europe and the United States against these three countries, and try to make the oppressive sanctions more ineffective than before.

In this regard, Russia’s proposal to replace regional currencies with European and American currencies and to encourage Eurasian countries and members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization along with this proposal could free these countries from dependence on the dollar. This set of conditions shows that our initial idea of ​​neutralizing sanctions is on the right track, and at the same time we are not indifferent to the issue of lifting sanctions and pursuing them through negotiations.

The Islamic Republic continues to pursue the issue of continuing the negotiations intelligently and without giving unnecessary concessions to the other side.

On the one hand, Iran pursues both the issue of relations with the European Union and has good relations with the International Atomic Energy Agency. Therefore, the Islamic Republic continues its strategic cooperation with Russia in order to defend the just positions of the Iranian people and ensure the definitive policy of the country.


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