August 16, 2022

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Austrian envoy visits Yazd Water Museum

According to, the Austrian ambassador visited the museum prior to the International Museum Day, which happens every year on May 18.

Yazd Water Museum is an interesting collection of various water objects from qanat (a system for transporting water from an aquifer or water well to the surface) to water ownership documents remnants of ancient times.

The Yazd Water Museum was established to introduce traditional culture of residents in Yazd Province and their capabilities in extracting and utilizing water throughout history.

Iranian and foreign tourists can visit the the museum all over the year.

Historical house of Kolahdouzha, which has been turned into the Yazd Water Museum, is one of the few units dating back to Qajar era.

A renowned merchant named Hajj Ali Akbar Kolahdouz ordered construction of the historical mansion in 1888.

The historical house of Kolahdouzha is a property of Yazd Regional Water Authority, where some tools for working in qanats are being showcased.


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