June 29, 2022

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IRGC Navy chief: Iran does not kid about its security

TEHRAN — In an interview with Fars news agency published on April 24, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy said that the presence of supra-regional forces in West Asia is intended to sow discord among nations, create insecurity, loot people’s wealth, and pursuing colonial ambitions.

“Regarding our confrontation with the supra-regional forces, it should be said that their presence in this region is only for colonialism, looting, sedition and insecurity, and we do not acknowledge their presence in this region as legal and legitimate,” Alireza Tangsiri remarked.

The commander went on to ask, “Why was the United States present in Afghanistan? Why is he in Iraq? Why is it helping the Saudi regime to bomb the oppressed people and government of Yemen? Why does it support the brutal, oppressive, and child-killing regime of Zionism?”

He said in every sedition and war which is happening in the world today, the U.S. is a part of it. 

“Today the nations have awakened and you can no longer oppress the nations with the coordination of the oppressive leaders who agree with you,” the IRGC Navy chief remarked. 

Tangsiri emphasized that Iran is advising the extra-regional countries to stop their evil acts as soon as possible and instead of seeking to loot the properties of the oppressed people around the world and undermining their security put their houses in order and “immediately end their path of darkness.”

He added that in confrontations that have taken place Iran has acted in a completely professional manner and in accordance with internationally recognized laws. 

“We do not joke with anyone about this. We will not trade the protection of the security and the resources and interests of our dear nation and country, which is the result of the blood of thousands of martyrs, for anything,” the commander noted. 

Original News : https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/472065/IRGC-Navy-chief-Iran-does-not-kid-about-its-security

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