May 24, 2022

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Iran’s thermal power generation grows by 8%

Omid Abdolmaleki said that 324 billion kWh of electricity was generated by Iran’s thermal power stations last Persian year, from which 181 billion kWh was generated by combined cycle plants, 84 billion kWh by steam plants, and 59 billion kWh by gas plants.

He said that the steam section of thermal power plants in Jahrom, Heris, Oroumiyeh, and Chabahar were operationalized and the generation from combined cycle power stations, as the ecofriendly power generation units, saw a growth.

Developing gas plants into combined cycle states is among the most effective methods to improve the efficacy of the country’s power grid, according to Abdolmaleki.

He also noted that installing a 160-mW steam turbine along two 159-mW gas turbines to constitute a full combine cycle unit increases the plant’s efficacy from 34 percent to 50 percent by reusing the recovered heat without extra fuel consumption.


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