May 28, 2022

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Iran exports pistachio to 75 states

According to Iranian customs administration, Iran exported 135,322 tons of pistachios worth 914,427,826 dollar in the period.

Spokesman of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) Rouhollah Latifi said on Tuesday that 115,557 tons out of the total pistachio export were fresh raw pistachios with shells worth 696,043,124 dollars.

China, India, Russia, Iraq and Kyrgyzstan were the top five purchasers of Iranian pistachios, he said, adding that the countries imported pistachios from Iran worth 199 million dollars, 85 million dollars, 53 million dollars, 50 million dollars and 45 million dollars respectively.

Pointing to pistachios without shells, Latifi noted that export of types of these pistachios stood at more than 19,336 tons worth 215,879,022 dollars.

Germany with 50 million dollars, India with 44 million dollars, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with 29 million dollars, Iraq with 25 million dollars and Turkey with 13 million dollars were the top five export destinations of Iranian pistachios in the same year.

Moreover, 429 tons of other types of pistachios worth 2,505,680 dollars were exported in last Iranian calendar year, the official said.

He went on to say that given draught and damage of products happened in the last year as well as supply of pistachios from other countries in global markets, Iran’s pistachio export decreased 33 percent in terms of weight and value in last year in comparison to the year before.


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