May 23, 2022

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Export from Kermanshah province increases 15% in a year

TEHRAN- The value of export from Kermanshah province, in the west of Iran, rose 15 percent in the past Iranian calendar year 1400 (ended on March 20), from its preceding year, an official with the customs department of the province announced.

Bakhtiar Rahmanipour said that 525.305 million tons of commodities worth $2.723 billion were exported from the province in the previous year.

In terms of the weight, the exports also indicate three percent annual growth, he added.

He named ceramics and tiles, rebars, iron products, fruits and vegetables, constructional stones, dairy products, and plastic products as the main exported items.

The official further announced that 25,804 tons of products worth $66.351 million were imported to the province in the past year, indicating 10 percent growth in terms of value.

He named aluminum alloy, factory production line, batteries, and tires as the major imported items.

As previously announced by the head of Islamic Republic of Iran’s Customs Administration (IRICA), the value of Iran’s non-oil trade rose 38 percent in the past Iranian calendar year 1400, as compared to its previous year.

Alireza Moqadasi put the country’s non-oil trade at 162 million tons worth $100 billion in the past year.

He said that Iran exported 122 million tons of non-oil products worth $48 billion in the previous year, which was $14 billion (41 percent) more than the figure for its preceding year.

The country’s non-oil trade record in 1400 was reached while the toughest sanctions were imposed on Iran, but thanks to God and the efforts of entrepreneurs, producers and the cooperation of foreign trade-related organizations, a historical record was achieved in the past year which was unprecedented in recent decades, the official underlined.


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