May 23, 2022

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Embassy: Int’l Quds Day, Islamic world priority till Palestine’s liberation

Issuing a communique on Friday, which was seen on the website of the Italian official news agency ANSA, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Rome wrote that after Napoleon Bonaparte’s defeated effort to establish a Zionist state in the year 1779, this objective was included in the agenda of the British government.

The collapse of the Ottoman Empire in World War I and occupation of Palestine by the British army paved the path for implementing that plot and London announced its support for establishment of a Zionist state in Palestine in the year 1917.

Under the supportive umbrella of the British government, a Zionist delegation arrived in Palestine and began buying the Palestinians’ lands and constructing Zionist townships, making homeless tens of thousands of Palestinians.

The Palestinians felt the threat and started resistance in the year 1936, which led to the outbreak of an anti-British imperialism, anti-oppression revolution, but in the year 1935 the British army defeated that revolution. The Palestinians had two enemies then: The colonialist British forces and the armed Zionist guerrillas who were 40,000 strong.

On November 29, 1947, the United Nations approved a plan to separate Palestine into a Jewish and an Arabic government. At that time the Jews comprised a third of Palestine’s population and had 6% of Palestine’s lands. But according to the UN plan 55% of Palestine’s territory was awarded to the Zionists.

The Palestinians and their Arab supporters rejected that plan, but the Zionist movement naturally supported it, because it legitimized the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestinians’ lands.

Of course, the Zionists did not suffice in having that 55%, as in the year 1948 they occupied dozens of other Palestinian cities and villages and deported their original Palestinian dwellers.

Britain decided to pull back its forces from Palestine on May 14th, 1948, and the head of the Jewish Agency at the time, David Ben Gurion declared the establishment of the Zionist state officially under the guardianship of the British government.

Within a few minutes two major world powers, namely the United States and the Soviet Union recognized the legitimacy of Israel and May 14th, 1948 was known by the Palestinians as the Nikba (Miserable) Day, reminding the miseries of over 750,000 Palestinians who were forcefully expelled from their homes and lands. On that day also more than 10,000 Palestinians were massacred by the Zionists brutally.

The Zionist regime’s plans for full expelling of the Palestinians continued and the child killing regime has been pursuing them up to the present time by beating up and massacring the oppressed Palestinian people, surrounding the Palestinian regions, expelling the real owners of Palestine, and constructing Zionist townships, making homeless over 6 million Palestinians.

From 1948 to 2016 the UN General Assembly issued 225 resolutions on the Zionists’ usurper policies, massacre of Palestinians, and Zionist settlement construction in Palestinians’ lands, including in Six-Day War in June 1967.

But that rouge state has not yielded to even one of those resolutions, mainly under the US support for its crimes and the support of the other western countries.

The embassy communique stresses that the most democratic way to resolve the Middle East crisis on Palestinian-Jewish state problem is organizing for a referendum among all origins residents of Palestine to decide about their own fate, which is the Islamic Republic of Iran’s proposal for ending that the dilemma.


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