June 29, 2022

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Biden’s shaky admin. source of suspension of Vienna talks

Anyone, who is familiar with American life style, would know that cars are inseparable parts of American citizens’ lives; so, it is obvious that the American people react to any change in gas prices. 

Shocking incidents like COVID-19 pandemic, decline in investment in oil extraction, eruption of war between Russia and Ukraine have caused the highest hike in gas price, and the Americans have to pay more than 3.5 dollars per gallon to drive their cars.

Such problems ended up in downfall of President Biden’s popularity in the US. Some polls have shown his popularity has nosedived to less than 40 percent in the American society.

Thus, the condition definitely affects negatively self-confidence of any president. Biden is concerned about his future position in particular when it comes to the midterm elections of the US Congress slated for November 8, 2022.

Democratic Party has a fragile and weak majority in Senate, a failure in coming election can turn into a big challenge for the future of the Biden administration. 

Of course, the administration has some strong points, especially when it comes to creating job opportunities, but these statistics are not sufficient for Biden and his party to win the next elections.

The domestic problems in the US have impacted the Biden administration’s foreign policy. Disgraceful US withdrawal from Afghanistan along with big war in Ukraine are tips of iceberg of the US’ fragile situation in the world.

The White House is facing potential escalation, which can end up in resorting to atomic weapons; so, it tries to manage the hostility between Russia and the West, particularly European powers, because the US is not in a position to exert excessive force in the face of Moscow.

The Biden administration’s policy when it comes to reviving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action seems to be similar to its hesitant strategies in dealing with other foreign policy dilemmas like Ukraine war.

President Biden has refused to take a serious decision on the Vienna talks; so, the negotiations have been suspended in recent weeks. The main source of difference between Iran and the US is Washington’s hesitation in removing some Iranian entities from sanction lists.

One of the most important tricks used by the US is that the White House tries to neglect Iranian interests and keeps leading entities in sanction lists. They even resort to labeling some Iranian bodies as so-called terrorist organizations to block their assets abroad; therefore, such a situation will prevent Iran from getting any economic profit from the removal of sanctions.

It is natural that Tehran will not accept such an agreement, which does not guarantee Iran’s economic benefits of the JCPOA.

The Biden administration has continued the policy in recent months, while the US and its allies are in dire need of Iran’s oil export to global markets. 

Moreover, President Biden is well aware that his administration’s cooperation to finalize a deal in Vienna will face serious oppositions from the Zionist regime and certain Arab states, but in fact the administration is capable to endorse the Vienna agreement.

It would be on the shoulder of the Biden administration to decide on keeping on the current situation or coming to conclusion in order to find a way out of the stalemate and resolve the remaining issues to revive the JCPOA.


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