May 27, 2022

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Ambassador: Iran does not mistreat Afghan refugees

TEHRAN— The ambassador of Iran to Kabul said in an interview on Tuesday that it is not the policy of the Iranian government to misbehave Afghan immigrants, saying videos circulated on social media are bogus that are intended to create rift between Iran and Afghanistan.

“The purpose of these seditions is to disrupt relations between Kabul and Tehran.”

In an interview with Tolo news, Bahador Aminian said that videos and rumors of mistreatment of Afghan immigrants in Iran “are published under the auspices of the Mojahedin-E-Khalq (MEK) terrorist group.” 

People affiliated with this organization are systematically engaged in the production of such videos, he added.

The diplomat then went on to note that the purpose of these measures is to disrupt Kabul-Tehran relations.

“Mistreating Afghan immigrants is not the policy of Iran and it is emphasized that the Afghan embassy in Tehran is currently working in cooperation with the Afghan government,” the Iranian envoy stated.

He stressed the need for national reconciliation in Afghanistan, suggesting this such a policy will prevent widespread migration.

Aminian also expressed hope that the problems in Afghanistan would be resolved, suggesting that if there will be a “national reconciliation” all the tribes will consider themselves “partners in the government”. 

The Iranian ambassador then expressed Iran’s readiness to cooperate with Afghanistan in various fields to help resolve the economic crisis and to work for Afghanistan’s self-sufficiency so that Afghan citizens are not forced to leave their country.

Iran has been insisting on an inclusive government in Afghanistan since the Taliban took power in August last year.


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