May 28, 2022

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AEOI chief: Strategic Document of Iran’s Nuclear Industry a key step to remove obstacles

Eslami on his twitter page said that the document, which sets goals for the country’s nuclear industry for the next 20 years, deals with different dimensions of nuclear technology in order to bring Iran a good world status in this regard.

He added that the production of 10,000 megawatts of nuclear-powered electricity as well as the construction of a 360-megawatt power plant in Darkhuein, which will be built by Iranian scientists, are among other goals of that document.

The head of the AEOI also referred to Iran’s Nuclear Technology Day that was marked on April 20, saying that on the occasion of the national event, nine nuclear achievements were unveiled, which included radiopharmaceuticals, plasma, lasers and control systems.

He referred to President Ebrahim Raisi’s comments on the Nuclear Technology Day, who described the nuclear technology as the forerunner of the country’s scientific progress, and called for maintaining that status of the nuclear technology through creativity and innovation.

Eslami said, in line with the president’s remarks, “we should take important measures to progress nuclear technology and we should powerfully continue research in peaceful nuclear technology.”

He also said that the AEOI will put on its agenda commercializing the country’s nuclear achievements, which was raised by President Raisi.


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