June 3, 2023

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US still hesitant to decide on Vienna talks

According to IRNA correspondent in Vienna, delegations from Iran, the European Union and the P4+1 group (Britain, France, Russia, China plus Germany) spent long hours even until midnight to discuss diplomatic and expertise issues relating to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) at Palais Coburg.

The European negotiating teams have been very active in recent days. French delegation has shown remarkable moves.

Philippe Errera, the ‎director general for political and security affairs at France’s Foreign Ministry, wrote on his Twitter account that cooperation with all sides is needed to reach consensus and that differences are fading, but there has not been any agreement yet.

Errera tweeted, “I have been heading the delegation in the intense #negotiations in #Vienna which have been underway for several months. The aim is to get Iran & the US to urgently resume implementing the Iran nuclear deal.”

European delegations usually hold meetings at Palais Coburg and Vienna Marriott Hotel, where the Europeans stay amid the negotiations, but some sessions are being held at Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Hotel Imperial, where the American delegation stays. 

Stephanie Al-Qaq, the director of the Directorate of the Middle East and North Africa in the UK Foreign Office, wrote on her Twitter account, “Palais Coburg-Imperial-Ritz-Palais Coburg…repeat. Rising step count today despite short distance.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese and Russian delegations play the roles of mediators between Iran and the West in the Vienna talks. 

The Zionist regime covertly pursues its agenda in a bid to sabotage the negotiations because they are concerned about possible consensus between the West and Iran.

Wang Qun, the Permanent Representative to the Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations in Vienna, told IRNA correspondent Tuesday night that the talks are in the last stage and there is only a tiny stop left to reach final agreement.

Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia’s permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna, tweeted, ” At the final stage of the #ViennaTalks intensive consultations in various formats are underway. This afternoon I had a useful and businesslike meeting with E3 colleagues. Apparently the negotiations on restoration of #JCPOA are about to cross the finish line.”

Europe and the US try hard to put the ball into Iran’s court in order to cover up their disloyalty to the JCPOA.

However, the United States needs to take responsibility in terms of sabotaging implementation of the nuclear deal and help reach final agreement. The Iranian delegation has shown flexibility so far with the aim of assisting progress in the Vienna talks, so the US and the European trio (Britain, Germany and France) are expected to make hard decisions and stop hesitation.

The Americans have called for direct talks with the Iranian negotiating team which was turned down by Iran because of the United States’ history of disloyalty to its own promises; and the European Union is exchanging informal documents between the two sides.

Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, wrote on his Twitter account that the negotiation with the US cannot pave the way for any progress, so it is not on the agenda of the Iranian delegation.

Iran put forward draft texts to pave the ground for reaching consensus in the Vienna Talks. The Western sides especially the US should be held accountable for potential failure of the negotiations if they refuse to take realistic decisions.


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