May 27, 2022

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President Raisi: Iran ready to set up trade center in Qatar

Speaking in a meeting with Prime Minister of Qatar Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdul Aziz al-Thani on Monday evening, President Ebrahim Raisi said that the two countries’ relations are very deep-rooted and based on the two nations’ beliefs and heartfelt feelings.

“Today, the level of our two nations’ political, economic, and social interactions are good, but this level is yet not appropriate keeping in mind the existing capacities in both countries,” added Raisi.

The president said that the good bilateral ties between Iran and Qatar can lead to constructive regional and international ties.

“The existing capacities in both Iran and Qatar, and especially the great potentials in Iran have still not been fully and appropriately used in broadening our bilateral ties,” he said.

Raisi proposed the establishment of an Iran Trade Center in Qatar to introduce Iran’s capacities and potentials to the Qatari merchants and economic activists.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran had various production, industrial, technological, Nano and biotechnological science-based capabilities that can be used in improvement of bilateral interactions, and be at the disposal of the Qatari elites, economic activists and businessmen,” he said.

President Raisi said that six companies are involved in production of Corona vaccines, four of which have been successful in production of vaccines.

“Despite the existence of sanctions and broad threats, Iran has managed to achieve great objectives and the enemies have confessed to our great progress, to an extent that a while ago the Americans officially announced that their maximum pressure policy has failed,” said Raisi.

The president also announced Iran’s readiness to cooperate with Qatar in sponsoring the 2022 Football World Cup in best possible way.

“In this visit good agreements on broadening bilateral ties were achieved and I have commissioned my ministers to pursue them with special care and perseverance so that the results will be tangible in implementation, and practice and the improvement of ties will be observed in improved relations, including the frequenting of both countries’ merchants and economic activists to materialized the agreements reached in this visit,” he said.

The Prime Minister of Qatar Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdul Aziz al-Thani, for his part, said that President Raisi’s visit was a historical one, adding that there are broad potentials for expansion of bilateral ties, and the sessions of the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Qatar must convene regularly to materialized the agreements reached during your visit.

The prime minister of Qatar referred to the Iranian nation’s profound love for football, congratulated the Iranian national team’s success in preliminary games to reach the 2022 World Cup matches, and said that sports is one of the best ways to boost the nations’ interactions beyond the quality of the governments’ political ties.


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