June 3, 2023

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Pres. Raisi: Level of Tehran-Doha comprehensive ties must elevate noticeably

President Raisi and the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani at the joint session of the two countries’ high-ranking delegations emphasized that the executive officials of the two countries and the heads of the Joint Economic Commission of both sides must define certain goals with precise deadlines for the implementation of those objectives, and spend double-efforts aimed at achieving them.

President Raisi said that defining the objectives and setting certain deadlines for achieving them in broader bilateral interactions, and pursuing those objectives by the concerned officials in the two countries, especially by the heads of the Joint Iran-Qatar Economic Commission is an effective strategy for elevation of comprehensive bilateral ties.

“Strengthening the bilateral interactions between Iran and Qatar must also lead to regional cooperation and role playing of both counties at the international scene, as the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been a truthful neighbor and a true friend for the entire regional countries, including Qatar, and the best proof for that claim is Iran’s permanent support for the oppressed Palestinian nation,” said the president.

Referring to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s proposal for resolving the Palestinian crisis with the participation of every single member of the Palestinian nation, Raisi reiterated that if the Islamic Ummah (nation) will unite, the rights of the Palestinians will be materialized and the oppression of the Zionists will be annihilated.

The president denounced the efforts made by some countries for naturalizing their ties with the Zionist regime of Israel, reiterating that the presence of the Zionists in the region is to the loss of all regional countries, because that regime puts at stake the stability and security of other countries to ensure materializing its own interests.

Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, too, at the joint session referred to the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to delaying the pre-scheduled sessions of the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Qatar during the past two years.

“Qatar is determined to elevate its comprehensive interactions with Iran based on the deep-rooted historical relations of the two countries, and we will not permit any issue, including the Corona pandemic to bar pursuing this objective,” Sheikh Tamim said.

Emir of Qatar asked the two countries’ ministers and officials to define precise goals for the expansion of bilateral ties, and reach agreements on the details and figures.

“The executive officials in Iran and Qatar must in their joint sessions also define the exact ceilings and achievable goals for bilateral economic relations, and spend double-efforts for materializing the expected growth in bilateral ties during the course of the upcoming year,” he added.

Sheikh Tamim referred to Qatar’s constant support for the rights of the Iranian nation in benefitting from the peaceful nuclear technology, arguing that Qatar has always emphasized that dialogue is the only way to resolve the disputes among countries.

“Qatar also believes that the success of any agreement is in need of all sides; abiding by their commitments,” he added.

The Emir of Qatar also said that defending the rights of the Palestinian nation is among the priorities of the foreign policy of Qatar.

“The permanent stance of Qatar on Palestine is the same as the freedom lovers around the globe, and although, we too, like the Islamic Republic of Iran have faced hardships in this way, but we have thus far resisted,” he said.

Sheikh Tamim said that although there have been tremendous efforts aimed at forgetting the Palestinians’ right, but this issue will always remain alive in the minds of the world nations.


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