May 28, 2022

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Pres Raisi: Iranians living abroad are assets to Islamic Iran

President Raisi made the remarks in a meeting held in Doha on Monday evening with Iranians living in Qatar.

Iranian President is in Qatar to attend the Gas Exporting Countries Forum Summit on February 22.

Referring to his talks with the emir and prime minister of Qatar, President Raisi said there is a serious will to strengthen economic and trade relations.

In his remarks, the president called on all Iranians outside the country to make effort to preserve culture of their homeland.

He noted that good measures have been taken to remove obstacles to presence of the Iranians residing in different countries in making investment inside the country or doing economic activities.

He also said his government has put cooperation with neighbors on the agenda.

Despite the sanctions and pressures, the Islamic Republic of Iran has succeeded in different areas, the president noted, adding that American officials have confessed that their maximum pressure policy on Iran has defeated.

Iranian President left Tehran for Doha on Monday (February 21).


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