May 27, 2022

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Pres. Raisi: Iran has always supported Latin American nations’ independence seeking demands

Raisi who is in Qatar to attend the 2022 Gas Exporting Countries Forum on the sidelines of that meeting had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Keith Rowley.

“The Islamic Republic of Ian has always supported the freedom-loving and independence-seeking tendencies of the Latin American nation, and the whole world nations against the oppressor world power,” he added.

The president said that Iran is interested in broadening ties with Trinidad and Tobago, especially in the field of oil and gas industries.

“At a time when the enemy intended to impose pressure on Iran to shut down the Iranian oil and gas industries, the Petroleum Ministry and the activists in oil and gas field managed to achieve high level technical capabilities, which held to the blossoming of our oil and gas industries,” said President Raisi.

He also announced Iran’s readiness to share its experience with Trinidad and Tobago, reiterating: Iran, especially during my government, favors broadening economic ties with all world countries, especially with the Latin American region countries, and therefore, “we are interested in improvement of ties with your country”.

The Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Keith Rowley, too, said in the meeting that his country has a noticeable amount of hydro carbonic assets, and is like Venezuela and Cuba interested in broadening ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“After independence from England, Trinidad and Tobago focused on its oil and gas industries and today our oil and gas firms are quite competent, but the international oil and gas firms are still effectively present in our oil and gas industries,” said Prime Minister Rowley.

He also expressed interest to use the Iranian technicians and engineers’ expertise in oil and gas industry field.


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