May 23, 2022

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Lifting US sanctions key to revive nuclear deal: Pakistani daily

In its editorial comments on Wednesday, “Dawn” said that as the negotiations in Vienna enter their final stretch, there is indeed hope that the Iran nuclear deal may be revived, paving the way for the resolution of one of the Middle East’s major crises.

It said the Iranian foreign ministry’s spokesman told the media on Monday that the talks have made “significant progress” though he warned that nothing is final “until everything is agreed”. The Iranian official also observed that the remaining issues were the “hardest”.

“Dawn” said that according to the details available, Iran is expected to regain access to billions of dollars in funds frozen because of the near collapse of the deal following Donald Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from the agreement.

The paper viewed for the deal to succeed, Iran should have access to world markets, especially for its petrochemical products, and that the sanctions should be lifted.

It added that the West must not couple the nuclear issue with other issues as it will only complicate matters and efforts to revive the nuclear deal may collapse once more.

“Of course, there will be irritants standing in the way of peace between Iran and the West. For example, the Israeli foreign minister has been quoted as saying that “we are more unhappy with (the emerging) deal”. Israel’s unhappiness here is immaterial, as it is not a party to the deal, while it has no leg to stand on as it is believed to be the only nuclear-armed state in the Middle East currently,” it said.

“Dawn” went on to say that Western negotiators should give Tehran a fair deal if they expect its cooperation.

The eighth round of nuclear talks, which began in Vienna on January 6 this year, is one of the longest rounds of talks, with participants completing a draft text of an agreement. The vast majority of delegations acknowledge that the talks are moving forward despite the complexity of some issues.


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