May 22, 2022

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Japan eyes investment in Iranian ports post sanctions

Japan eyes investment in Iranian ports post sanctions – Tehran Times

TEHRAN – Japanese Ambassador to Tehran Kazutoshi Aikawa has visited Iran’s southern Shahid Rajaee Port to explore areas of mutual interest for future cooperation, the portal of Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) reported on Monday.

During his visit to the port in Hormozgan Province, Aikawa also met with Alireza Mohammadi Karaji-Ran, head of the province’s Ports and Maritime Department, to discuss ways of expanding economic cooperation between the two countries through the mentioned port.

Speaking in this meeting, the ambassador expressed hope that with the lifting of the U.S. sanctions the relations between Iran and Japan will return to their previous state and Japan will be able to invest in Iranian ports like Shahid Rajaee.

“We hope that with the lifting of sanctions, maritime exchanges and joint cooperation of Japanese private companies will resume in Shahid Rajaee Port,” Aikawa said.

Referring to the long-standing friendly relations between the two countries, he continued: “Strengthening and expanding trade relations with Iran is very important for us and Shahid Rajaee Port as an important port in the region can play an important role in developing trade between the two countries.”

Referring to the improvement of Japan’s port policies over the past few years, the official described maritime development as one of his country’s most important goals, saying: “We seek to expand our maritime cooperation with other countries for smartening of our ports.”

Aikawa said that Shahid Rajaee Port, considering its existing capacities, can pave the way for the presence of investors from other countries, adding: “As the ambassador of Japan, I will convey the advantages and capacities mentioned in this meeting to the Japanese economic officials to pave the way for further cooperation.”

Further in the meeting, Mohammadi Karaji-Ran pointed to the investment opportunities and advantages of Shahid Rajaee Port, and stated: “Over 80 percent of Iran’s transit is carried out through this port, in addition to the existence of modern container equipment, connection to the national railway line, access to Bandar Abbas International Airport, the existence of lands available for industrial activities, as well as access to open waters and the existence of modern terminals are the most important advantages of this port.”

Referring to the position of Shahid Rajaee Port as an important point in the north-south corridor, he stated: “Faster transportation routes and high security have made Iran the best point for transit, and Shahid Rajaee Port is considered the hub for such activities.”


Photo: Japanese Ambassador to Tehran Kazutoshi Aikawa (1st L) and Head of Hormozgan Province Ports and Maritime Department Alireza Mohammadi Karaji-Ran (1st R)

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