May 22, 2022

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Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan stress development of energy cooperation

In this historic meeting in Doha, the capital of Qatar on Tuesday on the sideline the 6th Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) Summit, Ali Akbar Mehrabian, Nikolai Shulginov and Parviz Shahbazov, the energy ministers of Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan respectively exchanged views on developing regional cooperation in the field of electricity.

They emphasized the significant impact of energy security and energy economy on the region.

They reviewed the project of synchronization and connection of the electricity network of Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia, and stressed the need to speedily completion and implementation of the study phases as soon as possible and subsequently making it operational.

Mehrabian announced the readiness his Ministry’s readiness to support and implement the project.

He said Iran, as one of the top powers in the region in electricity generation, transmission and distribution facilities, as well as excellent international indicators, considers the project important in the field of rural and urban electricity.

He stressed that Iran considers this project important for the expansion of electricity exchanges not only with neighboring countries but also with countries in the region, especially Russia.

Shulginov stressed the urgency and accuracy of its completion so that the three countries’ power grids can be implemented.

While emphasizing full support for the project, Parviz also announced Azerbaijan’s readiness to invest in the related facilities for the optimal implementation of the project.

He also pointed out that the current project not only increases the reliability of the three countries’ electricity networks but is also important for the region’s energy security in the long run.

The three ministers stressed that they would be fully prepared to attend next week’s meeting to review the results of the project’s studies.    
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