May 23, 2022

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Iran, Qatar to build under-seabed tunnel: Official

Ali Akbar Safaei referred to holding a number of joint meetings, headed jointly by the Roads and Urban Development Minister Rostam Qasemi and the Qatari transportations and naval affairs minister, and said, “The Iranian Roads and Urban Development Ministry has focused on four agreements.”

“One of them is in air transportations field, one in the naval field, one on ports field, and the fourth one is the proposal of constructing an under-seabed tunnel between Iran and Qatar, which is a unique project and will join Bushehr’s Deyr Port to Qatar,” he added.

He added that negotiations and consultations are underway and the the Ports Organization is considering the contents of three agreements under the supervision of the roads minister, which will eventually be signed in the presence of the president.

Safaei said that the under-seabed tunnel will connect Qatar to the entire countries to the north, Europe, the Caspian Sea littoral countries and Europe, as well as the eastern and western countries of Iran.

“This is a macro-scale project which will harbinger great developments both for Iran and for Qatar and will join the north of the Persian Gulf to its south, as well as establishing broad connections with the countries in the West Asia and the Caspian Sea littoral countries by roads and rail, up to the Mediterranean Sea region countries,” said Safaei.

The deputy roads and rural development minister further emphasized that the project in question is a long stride for both countries.

“A part of that agreement is related to the naval field, while it also includes roads and railroads, which is why a joint commission will be established and when the two countries’ negotiations will reach a final conclusion, it will be signed,” he said.

In a related news, the roads and rural development minister, leading a delegation including the Ports and Naval Navigation Organization managing director is visiting Qatar and the president, too, will arrive in Doha tomorrow (on Monday) to witness the signing of the bilateral agreements.


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