May 27, 2022

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Iran favors broadening economic ties with Armenia: Official

Dehqan said that Iran and Armenia have historical friendly ties, and the Islamic Republic of Iran fully respects good neighborly and peaceful ties, wishing to improve its comprehensive ties with its neighbors, especially in the economic field.

He expressed delight for establishment of peace talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan republics, adding that some countries with their interference cause disputes in neighbors’ relations and crises in our region, which need to be resolved through dialogue and establishment of peace and stability in the region.

Dehqan referred to the existence of broad economic ties between the two countries and the problems that some Iranian merchants are faced with in Armenia, supporting the establishment of a judgement center between Iran and Armenia to accelerate the resolving of probable commercial disputes.

He said that the Tehran Regional Judgement Center is another possibility where the merchants can refer to, to resolve their disputes.

Dehqan emphasized keeping in mind the broadening of economic cooperation between the two countries, especially in gas and electricity fields, and said that it is hoped that the Iranian investors and road and building constructing firms will cooperate in constructing the Armenia north-south highway that will connect Iran to Georgia Republic, as well.

He also referred to the environmental cooperation of the two countries aimed at preventing the pollution of the Aras border river, asking the Armenian government to refine the ego of its industrial firms and prevent the entry of pollutants into Aras Rive more perseveringly.

The Armenian minister of justice, for his part, said that the Iranian nation has the experience of bravely defending their homeland during the eight-year war and therefore knows the value of peace.

“The Armenian government is a peace-loving state and is trying to boost peace after the war with Azerbaijan Republic,” he added.

Karen Andreasyan also expressed hope that the 7th Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Armenia will lead to improvement of joint bilateral cooperation.

“The Iranian engineering firms are also invited to attend the lease for construction of Armenia north south highly that will link Iran and Georgia,” he added.

He also invited Dehqan to have an official visit to Armenia.


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