May 28, 2022

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Investment in Hormuzgan Petrochemical Plant attractive for Japanese companies: Envoy

Ambassador Ikawa Kazutoshi reiterated in a meeting with the governor of Hormuzgan province on Sunday night that the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has already had cooperation in such fields as tourism and preserving the marine environment in Hormuzgan and “we will see into the continuation of such moves”.

During my visit of Hormuzgan I was familiarized with the high potentials of this province in tourism and industrial fields, and I hope after the nuclear negotiations will reach an agreement and the sanctions will be terminated Japan’s economic ties with Hormuzgan will increase quite noticeably, said the ambassador.

Kazutoshi said that he had surveyed Hormuzgan province’s economic capacities during his visit of the province and during his visit to Shahid Rajaie Port he has noticed that that port is quite fit for greater economic activities.

He said that the appropriate geographical position of Hormuzgan province by the Persian Gulf shores, as a very important maritime location, also enables the province to establish greater shipping connections with Japan.

The governor-general of Hormuzgan, too, said in the meeting that the approach of President Raisi’s government and his Foreign Ministry, and Japan’s importance as a major country in the east, provides a very special status for Japan in Iranian government’s strategies for expansion of bilateral cooperation.

Governor Mahdi Dusti referred to the good record of 92 years of relations between Iran and Japan, and said, “Keeping in mind the bright past of bilateral ties, we can now act for further broadening such relations.”

He said that Hormuzgan province has numerous potentials and capacities and can be Japan’s major destination for making investments.

“We are eager to act rapidly in this respect and establish a joint work group to define a framework for bilateral cooperation,” he added.


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