May 28, 2022

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FM: Vienna hub of developments in important areas for Iran, int’l community

Amirabdollahian met and held talks with his Austrian counterpart Alexander Schallenberg on the sidelines of the 58th Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

The two sides discussed and exchanged views on issues of bilateral and international interest, including the ongoing talks in Vienna.

Appreciating Austria for hosting the talks, Amirabdollahian noted that today, Vienna is the center of developments in important areas for Iran and the international community.

Expressing the significant importance of Iran’s red lines and the impossibility of ignoring them in Vienna talks, he highlighted that if the final choice is between non-agreement on the one hand and passing on the interests of the Iranians – as their red line – on the other hand, Tehran’s definitive choice is to respect the national interests and not cross the logical and legitimate redlines of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Describing the creation and making balance between the rights and responsibilities as the obvious key to the sustainability of any agreement, Amirabdollahian underscored that now the western sides have to make their final decisions as to whether they want to end their ongoing economic terrorism plus their inactions and distrust or want to continue their unacceptable pretexts.

Iran’s top diplomat stressed that the establishment of media campaigns by the three European countries plus the US to achieve their negotiating objectives has no impact on the decisive mission of negotiators to protect the interests of the great Iranians.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Amirabdollahian noted that the relations between Iran and Austria have a deep-rooted history plus various dimensions for several hundred years and expressed hope for the promotion of these relations between the two states.

The Foreign Minister called for resolving consular problems of Iranian citizens, including the problems of students’ families visiting their children, the extension of the residency of some students, and some banking problems of Iranians residing.

Schallenberg, for his part, pointed to his meeting with all the heads of the negotiating delegations in Vienna, saying that the final steps of the negotiations are very difficult and sometimes breathtaking. Some days there may be no progress, but they should all continue their efforts to reach an agreement.

Austria, although not a party to the JCPOA, is firmly committed to any possible help to the negotiations, he added.

There is no doubt that the restoration of the JCPOA and the return of all parties to its commitments is the solution to the crisis that the former US president has created and they are all addressing today, he said.

The Austrian Foreign Minister also pointed to Vienna’s definitive will to expand relations with Tehran comprehensively, stating that consular issues will be resolved in talks between the two ministries’ colleagues.


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