May 27, 2022

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Are they starting that "fact-finding game" again to cut cost of political …

“Reuters” in a report on Thursday night boasted of having gained access to part of the agreement between Iran and the P5 + 1 in Vienna. The false report circulated exactly when Iran’s chief negotiator in Vienna had already disclosed that talks had reached a point where the negotiating teams present there are to make their decisions

Media sources close to the talks believe that this “game of fact sheets” was initiated by Reuters at a time when the negotiating parties are close to their political decision-making stage and expect publication of similar unreliable news to continue in the coming days to influence the opinions of participating teams.

The publication of the claims by Reuters which was negated by independent sources simply confirms a tweet by Bagheri Kani yesterday who talked about “approaching the concluding days of talks”.
He said that “after weeks of intensive talks, we are closer than ever to an agreement” but underscored that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, though.
Our negotiating partners need to be realistic, avoid intransigence, and heed lessons of the past 4yrs.
Time for their serious decisions.”

The eighth round of JCPOA talks on lifting sanctions began January 26, 2022,  in Vienna. It has now reached a point where its success or failure depends solely on the political decisions of the West.

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