August 16, 2022

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Nullification of sanctions not dependent on Vienna talks: President Raisi

Today and in the existing situation of being under embargo, our oil sale has increased so much that we do not have concern anymore and its revenue is returning to the country too, Raisi tweeted.
President Raisi was addressed the 12th Seminar of Islamic Scholars in Qom through video conference on Thursday, saying the 13th administration is following up the issue of non-oil exports very seriously.
The chief executive also noted that inflation is a main concern among the Iranian people, and that according to the Central Bank of Iran, the current inflation has been unprecedented for 70 years; although, the inflation has begun to decline; and the administration is very optimistic for tangible change. 
Pointing to the issue that the Iranian government pursues lifting sanctions honorably, he said that Iran’s oil export has experienced such an increase that the Islamic Republic is no more concerned about the issue of export embargo.
Oil export has increased 40 percent and the income of the crude sale has been returning to the Islamic country, he mentioned.


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