May 22, 2022

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MP: Iran neutralizes sanctions regardless of Vienna talks

MP: Iran neutralizes sanctions regardless of Vienna talks – Tehran Times

TEHRAN — A member of the presidium of the parliament said on Saturday that Iran continues to neutralize sanctions regardless of what happens in Vienna.

Negotiations are already underway in Vienna to lift illegal sanctions against Iran by reviving the 2015 nuclear agreement.

“In this period of negotiations, we have more confidence in our country’s negotiating team, and we are not worried that the positions and principles of the country, the establishment and the interests of the nation will be reiterated in the negotiations,” Hosseinali Haji Deligani said. 

The MP pointed out that the president has repeatedly stated that the parliamentary ratification, under the name of Strategic Act to Lift Sanctions, will help the diplomatic service and that negotiations will be pursued accordingly. 

“Of course, the Majlis (parliament) also believes that this law should never be violated, and if negotiations are to continue, the Strategic Act to Lift the Sanctions should be on the agenda of the negotiators,” he asserted.

Haji Deligani further said that if Iran is to accept a decision about the percentage of enrichment, the other side must decide today

Also, they should officially and transparently prepare the necessary coordination between the Central Bank of Switzerland and the Central Bank of Iran in order to conduct bank transactions.
“Some of the dues we have should enter our country through the official channel,” he reiterated.

The member of the parliament presiding board said that Iran will never accept credit and “we only consider the agreement of cash for cash as a criterion for action.”

The MP stated, “Currently, there is a headquarters to lead the negotiations so that diplomacy is in the service of the battlefield and the battlefield is in the service of diplomacy, and these two issues will move together.”

He added that there is also another headquarters to neutralize the sanctions, which happens to be more active than before.

“If the Westerners do not want to comply with our demands, we have planned accordingly so that we do not need to beg them,” he concluded. 

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