May 22, 2022

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Iranian researchers develop 120 agriculture technology products

Iranian researchers develop 120 agriculture technology products – Tehran Times

TEHRAN – Iranian knowledge-based companies have so far produced 120 technological products in the field of agriculture, according to the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology.

Some 30 knowledge-based companies are working to integrate the agricultural industry with innovation and creativity by producing 120 technological products so that the new generation of agriculture will be realized in the country.

With the growing population, declining food and agricultural resources, and declining food security around the world, countries need to move toward using modern agriculture to help speed up crop production.

This work covers everything from the cultivation to the harvest and sale of crops and can play an effective role in the development of the new generation of agriculture and the promotion of productivity and sustainability of crops.

According to the latest statistics, 265 companies are active in the field of agriculture, biotechnology, and the food industry and have produced knowledge-based products.

Agriculture is one of the fields in which nanotechnology has been able to develop, as over 50 widely used nanoproducts have been launched in the agricultural sector of Iran.

Although the use and effectiveness of nanotechnology are often associated with future advances in medical and chemical technology, its usage is far subtler and wide.

The potential of nanotechnology in agriculture is high, but there are still a few things to consider, such as increasing the scale of production processes and reducing costs, as well as assessing production risk. Nanotechnology use in consumer products has also raised some ethical and social concerns in some countries, from environmental health and safety to consumer perceptions and intellectual property rights.

Currently, over 7,000 knowledge-based companies are active in the country, manufacturing diverse products to meet the needs of the domestic market while saving large amounts of foreign currency.

The fields of aircraft maintenance, steel, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment, oil, and gas are among the sectors that researchers in technology companies have engaged in, leading to import reduction.


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