January 20, 2022

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Iran ready to transfer judicial experiences to Yemen: Official

In the meeting of consul general of Yemen in Tehran, Gharibabadi said on Wednesday that despite the difficult situation in Yemen, Yemeni citizens resistance is exemplary, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran is actively trying to convey the voice of the oppression of the countries of the region, especially Yemen and Palestine, to the world, and in all international organizations.

Gharibabadi said that Iranian envoys in the world have always expressed concern about the difficult situation of the Yemeni and Palestinian citizens.

Unfortunately, global media structure is under Western influence, but the Yemeni oppressed children and people can be help through planning and using potentials of the region and the capacity of some NGOs, he said. 

He also announced Iran’s readiness to train Yemeni NGOs to take an active part in the international arena and defend the rights of the oppressed people of Yemen.

In conclusion, in response to the request of the Yemeni consul general regarding the transfer of experience and bilateral judicial ties, Gharibabadi said that in the field of education, transfer of experience, and capacity building, Iran is ready to assist the Yemeni judiciary.


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