January 20, 2022

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Father of modern Persian poetry commemorated in Sari

The cultural event is being usually organized by Persian language cultural and artistic magazine “Bukhara,” the 627th meeting was held in cooperation with Sari Artists House and the Center for the Intellectual Development of Child and Adolescent of Mazandaran province on Thursday. 
Some renowned poets and researchers such as Ali Dehbashi, chief editor of Bukhara magazine, Ghafran Badakhshani, prominent Afghan poet, Bijan Honarikar, researcher and author, Asadollah Emadi, writer and poet, Mansour Ali Asghari, researcher and poet, and Batool Aghamiri, literature researcher participated in the event and made speeches on Nima Yooshij and his Persian and Mazandarani poems.
The Bukhara Nights events have been hosted by Noushiravani University under the name of “Night of Anousheh Mazandaranology Foundation.” Thursday event was the second in its kind that the Bukhara Cultural Nights was held in Mazandaran province.
Manour Ali Asghari pointed to Nima Yooshij’s social concerns, noting that Nima gave importance to awakening, because he allocated 52 couplets to this issue.
Late contemporary Iranian poet Ali Esfandiari known by the pen-name of Nima Yooshij is a famous Iranian poet who took revolutionary steps to introduce a modern poetry style to Persian literature.
November 12 marks the birthday anniversary of Nima Yooshij, who was born in 1897 in Yoosh village of Mazandaran province and passed away on January 4 in 1960.
Nima Yooshij is famous for his style of poetry which he popularized, called she’r-e now (Modern Persian Poetry); so, he is considered as the father of modern Persian poetry.
Despite the fact that Persian poetry was known for its adherence to traditional rhyme schemes, Nima was the foremost poet of his time because of his innovations in form as well as style rather than the content of his works.
Nima’s approach to poetry brought about heated debates in Persian language and among other renowned poets but was finally adopted by the young generation of poets.


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