January 18, 2022

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Zionist regime must be held accountable for pursuing aggressive designs: Pakistani daily

The paper in its editorial comments said last month, the Israeli, Emirati, and Bahraini navies took part in the first joint naval exercises with a US ship in the Red Sea which was seen as a “message” to Iran.

It noted on the other hand, Iran itself is conducting large-scale military exercises, while Israel has ordered its troops to be ready against Iran.

Meanwhile, Iran’s chief negotiator has reported progress on the agenda for talks with world powers in Vienna on its nuclear program.

Jang said it should be noted that the United States withdrew from the 2015 agreement with Iran and other countries under Donald Trump in 2018.

Now efforts are being made to restore it and Iran wants to take these talks seriously.

The paper added according to reports, Zionist regime has informed the United States of the timeline for attack on Iran.

“Iran is a responsible country and its fault is that it declares the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories as aggression,” Jang said.

The paper said now it is the responsibility of the international community to take precautionary measures to prevent possible conflict in the Middle East and Persian Gulf.

“The Organization of the Islamic Conference should try to prevent Zionist regime from taking any provocative action,” said the editorial.

Reportedly, Iran and 4+1 resumed talks on November 29 in Vienna to work on the text and make effort to settle disagreements.

Earlier Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi had said that if the other side is determined to lift the sanctions, a good agreement will be reached; and “we are after this.”


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