January 20, 2022

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West’s disloyalty to JCPOA disappointing: Chinese analyst

Fan Hongda, professor of the Middle East Studies Institute (MESI) of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), told IRNA in an interview on Monday that since the time that the US pull out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), three European powers (Britain, France and Germany) refused to comply with their commitments under the agreement and did nothing tangible to preserve the deal.
Moreover, the European signatories to the JCPOA ignore their responsibilities when it comes to implementing the deal, while they try to accuse Iran of not abiding by the accord along with the United States, the academic mentioned.
In other words, the European trio’s commitment under the JCPOA has been disappointing, he added.
Fan Hongda went on to say that the US creates problems and gets in the way of implementing the deal, because Washington is not serious in lifting anti-Iran sanctions.
The international community expects various results from the talks in Vienna, Austria, the analyst said, noting that most countries hope that negotiating teams from Iran, the European Union and the P4+1 (Britain, France, China, Russia plus Germany) can reach a consensus as soon as possible, but there certain sides who do not want see any progress in the negotiations.
According to the Chinese professor, following successful talks in Vienna, Iran can speed up economic and trade progress and help enhance stability and advancement of the West Asia region due to its power and influence.
The lifting of anti-Iran sanctions not only paves the ground for enhanced Beijing-Tehran ties but also reduces the possibility of escalation between China and the US on the American sanction policy.
Pointing to the Zionist regime’s concerns on potential agreement between negotiating teams in Vienna, the expert noted that Israel has always claimed that the Islamic Republic is a threat with the aim of hindering Iranians’ progress in different fields.
The eighth round of Vienna talks for lifting anti-Iran sanctions and returning to the JCPOA is scheduled to be held Monday afternoon local time. 


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