August 16, 2022

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Top negotiator: Vienna talks were held in a friendly atmosphere

Top negotiator: Vienna talks were held in a friendly atmosphere – Tehran Times

TEHRAN- Stating that the talks in Vienna were held in a friendly atmosphere, the Deputy Foreign Minister said that the European parties were not very satisfied with parts of Iran’s proposals, but neither of them stated that Iran’s proposals don’t provide legal basis accepted by two sides.

Ali Bagheri, chief negotiator of Iran in talks with the P4+1 in Vienna told reporters on Friday, “In this round of talks, the Islamic Republic of Iran entered the talks with a new delegation, but a delegation with the presence of multiple experts in charge of economic, financial and banking issues.”

The top negotiator added that this indicates the serious determination of Iran to enter the negotiations with the aim of reaching an agreement. 

Bagheri noted, “This point had its effect on the other side, and some opposing parties in the talks pointed out that this composition of the delegation shows the determination of the Islamic Republic of Iran to enter into serious negotiations.”

Bagheri added that in this round of talks, because new administration and the new negotiating team in Iran were formed, the delegation presented its views on paper regarding the issues on the agenda of the talks to the other side.

The head of the Iranian delegation to the Vienna talks noted, “In two areas, namely the lifting of illegal and oppressive sanctions, as well as on the nuclear issue, we presented the views of the Iranian negotiating team in a reasoned and documented manner in the form of two documents to the other side. Naturally, when this is presented to the other party, it is a basis for negotiation, and as a rule, the other party must provide a reasoned, documented, and logical response to these proposals.”

The top negotiator stated that since the other side needed to consult with their capitals to provide a reasoned and documented response to these proposals, they proposed that the talks be suspended for a few days so that they could go to the capitals and receive instructions for a reasoned response to Iran and return to Vienna next week. 

Bagheri pointed out, “In this round of talks and even in Friday’s meeting, we stated several times that the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian negotiating team are ready to continue the talks at the this time, but because they wanted to respond to Iran, they made this request and we also agreed with their request that they go to the capitals to prepare those answers for the coming week, and that providing answers to the Iranian side would be the basis for negotiations between the two sides.”

About the next meeting, the deputy foreign minister said that this meeting will be next week. 

“The date of that meeting has been set, but it has been agreed that it will not be announced yet,” he noted. 

The senior Iranian diplomat also commented on the remarks of some European diplomatic sources that Iran’s demands in the proposals were unacceptable, saying that it is true that the European parties were not very satisfied with some parts of our proposals, but these proposals have been drafted based on common ground between the two sides. 

“Therefore, they did not object to the fact that these proposals were relevant, but said that they did not correspond to their views,” he noted.

Bagheri called the return of the European delegations to their capitals normal, saying, “We are not going to make statements or suggestions in negotiations that are in line with the Europeans’ views. We say things based on our own views, interests and policies, but the important thing is that these suggestions are based on one basis and that basis is accepted by the other party.”

When asked if he thought the European side would present a new draft and proposal to Iran after its return, Bagheri stated, “There is no problem. If the European side submits a draft proposal, that draft is also negotiable, but the condition for submitting a draft is that the draft must be based on the common principles of the two sides. If it is not based on common ground, then it is not a proposal to negotiate an agreement. This is for a talks where it is not clear what the outcome will be.”


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