January 17, 2022

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Jewish leader enlightens Americans on religious freedom in Iran

Harva Jehuda said on Wednesday on the sidelines of his official trip to Shirza, Fars Province, that he made it clear for Americans that Western media publish baseless reports on Iran and religious freedom for Jewish people in the Islamic country.

There is a big community of Iranian Jewish people in the United States, who have relatives in Iran, so he traveled to the US in order to consolidate interactions with the community.

He noted that Iranian Jews are determined to enlighten public opinion in the US on what is really taking place when it comes to religious freedom for Iranian Jewish people.

Numerous Western social media platforms and media outlets attempt to publish fake news on Iran in order to mislead Iranians residing in the US, the top judge of the Jewish community in Iran mentioned.

Judaism is among the religions recognized in the Islamic Republic, so the Jewish people are living freely in the country, he added.

In fact, Jews have been living in Iran for 2700 years, the Jewish official said, adding that the community has its own sacred monuments.

Now, Jews are coexisting with other Iranian people in peace and harmony, he said, noting that Iran is the homeland for the Jewish people.

Iran is among a few countries, where Jews are living there in a very good security, he said, arguing that Jewish cultural, social, and religious sites do not need any kind of security measures, while the Jewish communities are not safe in many countries, including in the US and European states.

He further noted that maintaining interactions with other Jewish communities is of utmost importance and that he himself does his best to expand ties with Jews in other countries and Jewish people in different parts of Iran.

According to the religious figure, thanks to peaceful coexistence of religions as well as the rich Iranian culture, religious minorities do not face problems in performing their rituals.


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