January 20, 2022

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Iran’s conditions for replacing nuclear facility cameras

In an interview with IRNA political correspondent on Saturday, Mohmmad Qaderi said that the fact that Tehran let the IAEA replace the cameras damaged by the Israeli regime’s sabotage at Tesa Karaj facility wasn’t based on an agreement with the Agency, but it was done voluntarily by Iran.

He said that the IAEA chief Rafael Grossi had called for replacing the damaged cameras in addition to overhauling the working ones, but Iran had set three conditions to accept this.

Firstly, Iran believed that the incident should be investigated before any camera replacement, since the damages was caused by sabotage act, according to Qaderi.

He added that Iran’s second condition was that the IAEA should act to safeguard Iran as a member of the international entity against foreign threats to its nuclear facilities in accordance with its protective duties and the IAEA chief should personally condemn the Israeli regime’s sabotage act.

As the third condition, Iran has insisted that the cameras be replaced should be verified by Tehran’s security forces for security reasons, Qaderi adding that the IAEA has accepted all three conditions and the cameras would work offline in accordance with the act passed by Iran’s government and the recorded videos would be submitted to the IAEA once all the issues related to sanctions and nuclear program are solved.

Iran’s new negotiating team has submitted two drafts in the seventh round of talks in Vienna to remove sanctions and revive the JCPOA. The talks resumed after an over-five-month hiatus due to a power transition in Iran.

Qaderi said that Iran’s drafts were founded on legal basis and the European participants of the JCPOA had no legal reason to reject Iran’s demands, that’s why they have started a psychological war.

The European sides have been avoiding fulfilling their commitments under the JCPOA both before the US withdrawal in 2018 and after that, he said, adding that despite this, they now accuse Iran of being not serious to reach an agreement.

China and Russia, other participants to the JCPOA, have been completely supporting Iran’s position in the talks, Qaderi noted.


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