August 16, 2022

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Iranians in Serbia observe Yalda night

Yalda is a traditional Iranian festival marking the last night of Autumn which is also the longest night of the year.

The ceremony in Belgrade was held with Iranians’ participation while observing health protocols to ensure safety from COVID-19 pandemic.

In this ceremony, the Iranian ambassador to Serbia Rashid Hassnpour said pointed to the ancient roots of Yalda in Iranian tradition, history and culture, and said it was a symbol of love, affection, friendship, life, enlightenment, health and abundance.

Hassanpour added that Nowrouz (Iranian  ceremony for the Iranian New Year) and other traditions that are full of human, moral and altruistic themes have  been accepted by Islam, especially the Shiite.

He added that Iranians over time have grown to observe and cherish such beautiful, hopeful and uplifting customs.

Iranians in Serbia observe Yalda night

Observance of Yalda by Iranians dates back to some 7,000 years ago. According to existing documents, it has been celebrated at least since 500 B.C. when Cyrus the Great ruled the Persian Empire.   

During Yalda night, the Iranian families come together at the house of the elder members of the family and eat red fruits which are symbolic of the Sun and the end of the darkness.


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