January 22, 2022

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Iran top commander: Armed forces always supporting defense capabilities

The high brass commander made the remarks while speaking for the country’s ambassadors in regional countries.

“During the past 43 years Iran has faced a chain of threats, plots hatched by the enemies, the 8-year imposed war, and sanctions,” he said.

Major General Bagheri further said that but those sanctions and pressure have also led to stronger resistance and the shape taking of the spirit of relying on our own capabilities and self-confidence and steadfast efforts in the general apparatus of the country’s armed forces.

“Responding to the threats by the enemies against our beloved country we adopted actions and strategies thanks to the late Imam Khomeini’s guidelines and  then those by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, and thanks to the blessings of the martyrs’ blood, that the defense industries of our country are today at a point of growth, blossoming and defense and deterrence that no enemy dares to violate our Islamic homeland’s borders,” he added.

Major General Bagheri said that more than relying on our missile capabilities, our deterrence force is based on thoughts, doctrine, and intelligent Iranian and local tactics, which are compatible with the needs of the Islamic Revolution and the level and type of threats that have taken shape against our country.

“Although our armed forces are sure about their deterrent power, they have never thought that their enemy is weak and in need to minimal attention, and have remained at the peak of their readiness and alertness appropriate with the status of the enemies,” added Bagheri.

The top commander said that Iran does not intend to invade any country at strategic level, but at the operational and tactical levels, we have crushing and decisive responses for the enemies.

“As the world witnessed the targeting of the US military base in Ain al-Assad in Iraq and the targeting of the invader US drones in the territorial waters of Iran, which have all been lessons for our adventurist enemies,” he said.

The major general stressed that the armed forces’ massage for the regional countries is a message of friendship and cooperation.

He also expressed satisfaction that the Iranian foreign ministry is harmonizing with armed forces in its peacemaking efforts, and voiced the armed forces’ full readiness in that respect, as well.


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