August 16, 2022

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Iran sends three research satellites into space

TEHRAN – On Thursday, Iran launched a satellite carrier rocket bearing three “research” devices into space.

“The satellite-carrying Simorgh rocket successfully launched three devices into space,” Defense Ministry spokesperson Ahmad Hosseini told national television.

The research devices were launched aboard a homegrown rocket known as Simorgh (Phoenix).

“For the first time, three devices were launched simultaneously to a distance of 470 kilometers (292 miles) at a speed of 7,350 meters per second,” Hosseini explained.

Hosseini said the launch was “initial,” suggesting more are on the way.

“The intended research objectives of this launch were achieved. This was done as a preliminary launch. … God willing, we will have an operational launch soon.”

Hosseini said the launch followed several achievements in Iran’s civilian space program, Tasnim reported.

The rocket emblazoned with the words “Simorgh satellite carrier” and the slogan “We Can” shooting into the morning sky from the Imam Khomeini Spaceport. 

Over the past decade, Iran has sent several satellites into orbit. In 2013, it launched a monkey into space.

Iran’s Supreme Council of Space has met for the first time in 11 years.


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