January 22, 2022

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Floating huts to open new chapter in Gorgan Bay tourism

Possessing more than 350 eye-catching natural attractions, green forests and unique sceneries, Golestan province is one the important destinations of ecotourism in northern Iran.
There are numerous tribes, ancient monuments, million-year-old Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests and Ashuradeh Island in Caspian Sea, which are merely a small part of tourist attractions of the province.
Officials in Golestan pursue different projects to promote tourism in the province, including construction of rural museum, modern playground, cable-car as well as renovation of historical Great Wall of Gorgan.
One of the most recent projects in Golestan province is establishing small floating huts in Ashuradeh Island. Construction of such floating residential units by using environment-friendly materials can help create less pollution and attract more tourists.
Reza Hashemzadeh, a tour guide in Bandar Torkaman, told IRNA that it is inevitable that innovation in businesses will help preserve nature; so, establishing floating huts in Gorgan Bay and Ashuradeh Island is one of the efforts in line with this goal.
The small floating huts can help increase residents’ income in order to prevent from illegal exploitation of natural resources, he noted.
Mehdi Saghai, university professor, said that technical issues play a key role, when it comes to implementing proper or improper projects such as construction of floating huts, because experts should measure several topics such as the depth of water.
Sadegh Shirangi, Bandar Torkaman governor general, told IRNA that coastal areas in Golestan province are very popular among tourists because of their numerous tourist attractions and appropriate accommodations.
Managing Director of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Golestan Province Ahmad Tajarri inspected the floating huts project, saying that private sector invests more than 700,000 dollars to complete the plan, which will open a new chapter of maritime tourism in the province.


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