May 22, 2022

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“A Poetess” named best foreign film at California festival 

“A Poetess” named best foreign film at California festival  – Tehran Times

TEHRAN – “A Poetess”, a drama by Iranian filmmakers Sahra Fathi and Saeid Dashti, has been selected as best foreign film at the California Women’s Film Festival.

The film follows Sara who is hesitant to choose between aborting their child and immigration, or staying in her country considering the arguments and issues with her husband. By realizing the truth about her husband, she makes up her mind and plans for a new future.

The California Women’s Film Festival operates as a biannual event. The winter season will be held from January 7 to 9 and the summer season will be held in July.

“Free, Dead or Alive” directed by Erik Bernard was picked as best feature.

It is about a young girl who makes a perilous journey from South/Central America to the United States unaware of the real dangers that lie ahead.

The award for short film went to “40ish…”. Directed by Traci Hays the film tells the story of a 40-year-old actress who refuses to give up her dream of “making it,” in Hollywood, but 20 years later, she won’t face the reality, that age and how many followers you have, dictates the rules for talent and when she lands her big break, she struggles to tell the truth, when casting demands to know her “real age,” before they’ll hire her for the role.

Directed by Kay L. Sumner, “Survivors” was named best feature documentary. In the film, real-life testimonials of Opioid addicted “everyday people”. What got them there and how they successfully overcame a potentially tragic outcome and rebuilt their lives.

The award for best animation was given to “I’m Here” by Jennifer Hathaway.

It is about Jenna, a thirteen-year-old bullying victim, who is brought to the brink after being beaten up, and decides to end her life, but her Golden Retriever, Maizey, has other plans.

Photo: A poster for “A Poetess” by Sahra Fathi and Saeid Dashti.


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