March 29, 2023

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Vienna meeting left everyone optimistic

Vienna meeting left everyone optimistic – Tehran Times

TEHRAN — While Iran, the United States and P4+1 resumed the Vienna talks on Monday, the whole world was eagerly waiting what would come out of Palais Coburg.

While the negotiations concluded in the evening, Russian envoy to the Vienna talks Mikhail Ulyanov tweeted that the meeting was “quite successful.”

He then said that the sides agreed on “further immediate steps.”

Later, the European Union coordinator Enrique Mora spoke to reporters waiting outside Palais Coburg. 

He said that the meeting took longer than usual, since Iran’s top negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani discussed his points at length, clarifying where the new administration stands politically.

He further informed the press that Iran has agreed to resume the talks where it stopped on June 20th, yet has insisted to incorporate the new Iranian administration’s “political sensibilities” into the talks. 

Late on Monday, the Chinese envoy to the talks posted a series of tweets, clarifying Beijing’s position.

“WANG Qun, at today’s Joint Commission meeting of the #JCPOA, stressed that dialogue & negotiations are the only right way to solve the #Iran #nuclear issue, & the US should lift all sanctions, inconsistent w/ JCPOA, against Iran & 3rd parties, including #China. 

#China has always been committed to upholding the JCPOA & has worked hard to promote the early resumption of the above negotiations.

China hopes that all parties will seize the opportunity, adhere to the direction of political & diplomatic solutions, fully reflect goodwill & flexibility, respect each other’s interests, create a good atmosphere & creatively resolve outstanding issues through negotiations.

#China will continue to practice genuine #multilateralism, participate in the next phase of negotiations in a constructive manner, and work with all parties to promote the early achievement of results in this negotiation.”

Reporters present in Vienna asked Ulyanov about the mood in the meeting and he said that the mood was different.
“Different. Different. Sometimes heated debates, sometimes very amicable discussion. But…the result is…the work will continue from where we left off on 20th June,” Ulyanov stated.

When Iran’s chief negotiator, Ali Bagheri Kani, came out of the hotel, a reporter loudly asked him, “Mr. Bagheri, are you optimistic?” He said “yes” and he got into the car. 

Later, he gave a brief video statement to the Iranian foreign ministry reporter present in Vienna, saying that the Iranian delegation clarified that addressing the “oppressive and illegal” sanctions should be the first top issue on the agenda of the JCPOA Joint Commission, which a working group meeting is scheduled to be held on it on Tuesday.

Regarding the future perspective of the negotiations, Bagheri Kani noted the point that they emphasized was that the indicators, criteria and criteria that Iran should consider in order to reach a fruitful and lasting agreement should be considered.

Many of the criteria and indicators that Iran briefly outlined at the Monday meeting were welcomed by other parties, including the fact that the United States must ensure that new sanctions that have already been imposed are lifted and not re-imposed, Bagheri underlined.

He also highlighted the need for guarantees for non-withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

According to reporters present in the media tent set up in front of Palais Coburg, the Western diplomats looked optimistic as well, yet, they spoke off the record. 

The ground is prepared for a “good agreement”. It’s time for Rob Malley to step up his game. 

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