December 5, 2021

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MP calls on Foreign Ministry to take action against U.S. piracy in international bodies

MP calls on Foreign Ministry to take action against U.S. piracy in international bodies – Tehran Times

TEHRAN — A member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian Parliament has called on Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take action against the U.S. at international bodies for trying to steal the Iranian oil tanker in the Sea of Oman.

In an interview with IRNA published on Saturday, Shahriar Heydari called the recent U.S. move an act against maritime regulations and the International Maritime Convention.

On November 3, an Iranian tanker was heading to a specific destination in the Sea of Oman to export oil. However, the United States confiscated the tanker and transferred its oil to another tanker and diverted it to an unknown destination. However, in a timely and brave action the IRGC Navy aborted the U.S. act of piracy and returned to the tanker to the Iranian territorial waters. 

“All countries must comply with the rules and regulations of international conventions,” Heydari said, adding, “The U.S. piracy has been a violation of these laws.”

The MP has stated that such actions have no result other than tension, warning that all countries in the region will be affected by any tension.

And the countries that are paving the way for the U.S. presence in the region should know that Washington is only seeking tension and division in the region, he cautioned.

Emphasizing that Iran is decisive in defending its rights, Heydari noted, “We witnessed that, fortunately, the Guards navy intervened in a timely manner and did not allow the United States to hijack the Islamic Republic’s oil tanker.”

From international perspective, the Islamic Republic must follow up on the issue and the diplomatic apparatus must use its capacities so that such behaviors are not repeated, the legislator pointed out. 

In addition, the regional countries should learn from what happened and be careful about the movements of the United States, the parliamentarian reiterated.

Through such behaviors, the United States has proven that it is a country that supports pirates and terrorists, despite its claim of respecting the rule of law and compliance with international regulations, said Heydari, the representative of Qasre-Shirin in the parliament.

“Of course,” he added, “the Islamic Republic of Iran is present in the region with sufficient authority and escorts and supports its naval fleet.”

The MP said the most important concern of the United States is the advancement of Iran’s naval power.

“After the Makran ship and the Sahand warship sailed to the Atlantic Ocean and participated in the Russian maneuver, and successfully returned home after 133 days… it has made the U.S. concerned.”

The parliamentarian underlined that the powerful voyage of the Iranian Navy fleets in high seas in accordance with international law, has made the U.S. frustrated.

He said such voyages are within the framework of the country’s defense policy. 

“After such successful actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the United States with such desperate measures sought to show off its naval power, which in the end was nothing but humiliation for them. However, the Islamic Republic of Iran reserves the right to sue and pursue the matter, and the diplomatic apparatus must pursue this in international bodies,” Heydari remarked. 


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