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Gold-plated limousine, world’s only Panther-Laser shine at Tehran museum

Gold-plated limousine, world’s only Panther-Laser shine at Tehran museum – Tehran Times

TEHRAN – Following years of restoration and renovation, Iran Historical Car Museum in western Tehran has reopened its doors to the public, featuring a magnificent collection of rare classic, vintage, sports cars, carriages, and motorcycles.

Highlights of the museum include a gold-plated limousine, the world’s only Panther-Laser car produced, a Silver Ghost Rolls-Royce once owned by the Qajar King, Ahmand Shah (r. 1909 – 1925), as well as a royal carriage belonging to Nasereddin Shah of Qajar.

In an interview with the Tehran Times on Sunday, the director of the museum Mohammad Fa’al, said: “The 1922 Rolls-Royce, a Morris Oxford Bullnose, and a Fiat Tipo 519 constitute the three oldest cars of the collection.”

“The building of the museum underwent restorations as of 2005 as you can see the images of the restoration of the building and cars have been installed on the walls of the museum. Moreover, we refurbished a dozen other cars from our treasury and added them to the newly-opened museum.”

“The museum has four main halls, the first of which bears the oldest vehicles of the collection, amongst them the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost that was belonging to Ahmad Shah Qajar,” he said.

Gold-plated limousine, world’s only Panther-Laser shine at Tehran museum

Hall 2 is dedicated to American and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, and Hall 3 is devoted to the official and ceremonial cars, which include various models of Rolls-Royces and Mercedes.  Hall 4 is also dedicated to sports and super sports cars.

In response to a question about the number of vehicles, the director said: “There are currently 102 cars in the treasury in addition to 55 cars that are currently on display.”

“Of course, what you now see in here is not all our cars, and we have a treasury that acts as a support for the museum, and it has cars that are being renovated over time and replaced with these existing cars in order to preserve the charm of the museum.”

The museum owns the largest collection of Mercedes-Benz 600 in the world. “We have the largest collection of Mercedes-Benz 600 in the world with 21 units. The Mercedes-Benz Museum itself has three units of the 600 model…. the Mercedes-Benz 600 itself is designed and built with different rooms and its function is only for ceremonies and this model has different rooms some having hardtop or custom-made sunroofs,” the director of the museum explained.

He said that the museum owns all models of Mercedes-Benz 600, which is very unique. “Moreover, we have all models of Mercedes-Benz 600 that have been produced by the German company; four of which are on display here in the museum, and 17 are being kept inside the treasury.”

Furthermore, Fa’al added 21 classic Rolls-Royces are being kept in the museum and its treasure trove. “Home to 21 [classic] Rolls-Royces, Iran Historical Car Museum is the second-largest treasure trove of those vehicles after the Rolls-Royce Museum.”

Gold-plated limousine, world’s only Panther-Laser shine at Tehran museum

Talking about the values of cars he explained, “all these cars are valuable and it is impossible to say which one is better. We can say which one is more beautiful and which has a more attractive design, but we cannot say which is more valuable.”

“However, the classification of cars in terms of value depends on several factors: one is the age of the car, the other is its manufacturer brand and design technology. And there are decorative items used in cars. For instance, a car in which is gold plated and is decorated with jewelry is obviously more valuable than an ordinary one….”

Responding to a question concerning restoration, Fa’al said all the processes of rebuilding cars are fully documented and all phases are photographed and evidence is available.
The age of the classic cars

According to Brinatica, the decade 1925–35 was notable not only for the appearance of many new small automobiles but also for the building of many ultra-large ones. The years from 1925 to 1948 are cited by collectors of automobiles as the “classic years,” a period that saw the rise of the luxurious fast motorcar to a peak it seems unlikely to reach again.

The first name in this field was Rolls-Royce Ltd., founded in 1906. Most Rolls-Royce chassis are designed for limousine and large sedan bodies, but the firm once made a comparatively light car (called the Twenty), and it has throughout its history produced fast models in addition to its regular line—e.g., after World War II, the Continental, built under the Bentley Motors Ltd. label.

Other motorcars of this type included the Hispano-Suiza of Spain and France; the Bugatti, Delage, Delahaye, Hotchkiss, Talbot (Darracq), and Voisin of France; the Duesenberg, Cadillac, Packard, and Pierce-Arrow of the United States; the Horch, Maybach, and Mercedes-Benz of Germany; the Belgian Minerva; and the Italian Isotta-Fraschini.


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