September 29, 2021

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Iranian team ranks first in intl. arithmetic Olympiad 2021

TEHRAN – Iranian students have ranked first in the team category of the International Olympiad in mental arithmetic (WAMAS 2021) which was held on September 3-4, in Dubai, UAE.

All 14 students in the Iranian team have received ranks in the competition, four of whom won the title of champion of champions, two were crowned as champion, one won the first place and seven others won the second place, Ali Adeli, head of the national mental arithmetic team said.

The students competed in tough mental arithmetic competitions with talented students from other countries and answered 400 questions in 10 minutes, he explained, adding, they were from the two provinces of Tehran and Kermanshah.

These genius students had already won the top position in the Viracup national Olympiad, he stated, ISNA reported on Saturday.

Twenty-four countries had announced their readiness to participate in the competition, but 12 countries failed to participate due to coronavirus conditions and PCR testing rules.


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