September 29, 2021

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Raisi officially swears as eighth president

Raisi officially swears as eighth president – Tehran Times

TEHRAN— After his mandate was approved by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Ebrahim Raisi formally sworn in as the eighth president of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The swearing-in ceremony was held in the Iranian parliament on Thursday afternoon, attended by senior Iranian civil and military officials and a large number of foreign dignitaries from more than 80 countries.

The ceremony started with a speech by Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, followed by a speech by Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei, Iranian Judiciary chief. 

After the head of the Judiciary and legislature delivered a speech, Ebrahim Raisi took the podium and was sworn in as the eighth president of Iran after the Islamic Revolution in 1979. 

At the inauguration ceremony, Raisi read the oath, which read, “I, as the President, upon the Holy Qur’an and in the presence of the Iranian nation, do hereby swear in the name of Almighty God to safeguard the official Faith, the system of the Islamic republic and the Constitution of the country; to use all my talents and abilities in the discharge of responsibilities undertaken by me; to devote myself to the service of the people, glory of the country, promotion of religion and morality, support of right and propagation of justice; to refrain from being autocratic; to protect the freedom and dignity of individuals and the rights of the nation recognized by the Constitution; to spare no efforts in safeguarding the frontiers and the political, economic and cultural freedoms of the country; to guard the power entrusted to me by the nation as a sacred trust like an honest and faithful trustee, by seeking help from God and following the example of the Prophet of Islam and the sacred Imams, peace be upon them, and to entrust it to the one elected by the nation after me.”

Qalibaf: We must solve the people’s problems and avoid resorting to excuses

At the inauguration ceremony, the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Muhammad Baqer Qalibaf, first welcomed Iranian and foreign guests for taking part in the ceremony. 

In his speech, the top parliamentarian then focused on the problems facing the country and the nation, especially economic problems, and emphasized the importance of taking decisive action to solve the problems of the people without making any excuses.

Iranian Judiciary is ready to help the new government fight corruption

At the ceremony, Mohseni Ejei said that the judiciary is ready to help the government fight corruption. 

He added that according to the constitution, the president is the highest-ranking official after the country’s leader, in addition to matters related to the leader, he has the responsibility to implement the constitution.

More than 100 officials from 82 countries took part in Raisi’s inauguration ceremony, including 10 heads of state, 20 parliament speakers, 11 foreign ministers and 10 ministers, as well as special envoys, deputy parliament speakers and chairmen of parliamentary commissions and parliamentary delegations.

A high-level delegation from the European Union (EU), led by the Deputy Secretary General of the European External Action Service Enrique Mora, has participated in Raisi’s inauguration. Mora is accompanied by Stephan Klement, head of the EU delegation to the international organizations in Vienna, and Head of Task Force European Union Bruno Scholl.

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