October 3, 2023

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Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Kazakhstan to hold joint drill in Caspian Sea

Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Kazakhstan to hold joint drill in Caspian Sea – Tehran Times

TEHRAN – Admiral Sergei Ekimov, Deputy Commander of the Russian Caspian Fleet, said on Tuesday that Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Azerbaijan will hold a joint naval exercise in the Caspian Sea.

The top Russian military official said warships from the mentioned countries will hold the joint naval exercise in early September after the end of the Sea Cup competition, IRNA reported, quoting RIA Novosti. 

Ekimov added, “During a few days, we will practice joint actions in the Caspian Sea.” 

The Russian military official has previously said that the Caspian Sea is a sea of peace and friendship, and that all the Caspian littoral states are committed to this significant issue and “we are trying to pass it on to the next generations.”

Admiral Ekimov expressed satisfaction regarding arrangements made by Iran’s Navy’s Northern Fleet to host the Sea Cup competitions, saying, “The Sea Cup competitions are held every year better than the previous round, and this year, with the decision of the Russian Ministry of Defense, it was decided to hold this competition with Iran as the host.”

The sixth round of the International Sea Cup competitions started with the participation of about 400 military personnel from Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Iran on August 25 in Anzali port.

Joshan and Peykan missile launchers from Iran; Mangistav and Sari Arka ships from Kazakhstan; Makhach Qala and Astrakhan, and 738 SB from the Caspian Sea fleet of Russia; and G-122 and G-124″ warships from the Republic of Azerbaijan will take part in the Sea Cup competition, which will be held within the framework of the Armia-2021 International Military Competition. 

The competitions will run until the September 4th.

Original News : https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/464580/Iran-Azerbaijan-Russia-and-Kazakhstan-to-hold-joint-drill

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