July 28, 2021

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New Persian-Armenian dictionary unveiled by Sadi Foundation

New Persian-Armenian dictionary unveiled by Sadi Foundation – Tehran Times

TEHRAN – A new Persian-Armenian dictionary compiled by Tigran Davtyan has been published by the Sadi Foundation.

The Armenian-Persian Dictionary will be useful for Iranologists, translators, students, journalists, businessmen and a wide range of readers.

The book was introduced during a meeting at the Writer’s Union of Armenia in Yerevan, the foundation announced on Tuesday.

Speaking at the meeting, Iranian cultural attaché Seyyed Hossein Tabatabai congratulated Davtyan for compiling the lexicon and elaborated on the role of culture and literature in the expansion of relations between the countries. 

“We appreciate the great efforts Davtyan made in compiling this dictionary and we hope that in the next editions transliteration and pronunciations can also be added,” he added. 

Davtyan who also attended that the meeting expressed his hope that his work would be a step towards introducing Iranian culture, art and literature to the Armenian people.

Hasmik Kirakosian of the Yerevan State University also described the spread of Persian culture in Armenia as a valuable step in the development of Iranian studies in Armenia.

Iranian-Armenian poet, translator and journalist Edward Haghverdian, Iranian-Armenian Persian literature scholar Khoren Aramuni and several other academics also delivered speeches during the meeting.

Davtyan, who is also chief editor of the department of the Persian program broadcast for foreign countries of Armenian Public Radio Broadcasting, published an Armenian-Persian dictionary in Yerevan in 2011.

The book sums up Davtyan’s long experience of using both languages, as well as new words used in the press and everyday life.

The first Persian-Armenian dictionary was published in Armenia in 1987 by Georgy Nalbandian, a well-known Armenian Iranologist. 

Photo: Copies of the Persian-Armenian Dictionary compiled by Tigran Davtyan were unveiled at the Writer’s Union of Armenia in Yerevan. 


Original News : https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/462033/New-Persian-Armenian-dictionary-unveiled-by-Sadi-Foundation

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