June 24, 2021

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Video: Iranian Consulate on Fire in Iraqi City of Karbala

The Iraqi city of Karbala saw a fire in the Iranian consulate on Sunday, with videos shared on social media showing unrest reportedly caused by the recent killing of a civilian activist.

According to media reports, Ihab al-Wazni, the Iraqi activist, had been killed in an “armed attack” in Karbala. Times of Israel reported that al-Wazni was a vocal opponent of Iran’s influence in Iraq and Tehran-linked armed groups in the country.

Mehr news agency reported that the Karbala consulate expressed condolences over the death of the activist, saying that such actions fuel “insecurity and destabilization” in Iraq.

Videos shared on social media show the consulate on fire, with Iraqi protesters besieging the building and blasts heard in the background.

​Earlier in the day, protesters who gathered at al-Wazni’s funeral reportedly chanted “Iran out!” and “The people want the fall the regime!”.

Original News : https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/202105091082843015-video-iranian-consulate-on-fire-in-iraqi-city-of-karbala/

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